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I've heard it said, there's a window
that opens from one mind to another.
But if there's no wall, there's no need
for fitting the window, or the latch.
~ Rumi, "Night and Sleep"

Today is Earth Day. At a time when COVID-19 has wracked our hearts and homes with physical, emotional, and economic pain, and as many grieve the loss of loved ones, it’s important to ask ourselves an extremely uncomfortable question:

“Do WE…human beings…want to be a COVID-like threat to the Earth?”

NO! So where should we turn for inspiration? Which teachers should we enlist to help us sow the seeds of a renewed commitment to caring for planet Earth? I can’t think of a better teacher than the wisdom of immortal poems and poets. I enrolled them when I wrote my book, “Awakening A Leader’s Soul – Learnings Through Immortal Poems,” and I’ll turn to them again today to share a few lines of poetry presented in an essay in the book that discusses the obligations of Leaders and Businesses toward the Environment and Mother Earth.

The tree which moves some to tears of joy
is in the eyes of others
only a green thing
that stands in the way…
                                                 William Blake

So, what will trees be for US; a source of beauty and joy, or an obstacle to be cut down?

When I consider how 
a man-made shift in climate of a few degrees
reveals the rebel power we now 
have learned to cultivate
in order to subdue the animals 
and take dominion, like a curse,
over the fields, the forests, and the atmosphere — 
as if the universe
belonged to us alone – I wonder
if consideration of the family of trees
might give us pause
and let us once again obey the sun, 
whose light commands all human laws. 
Robert Pack Select Lines From, “The Trees Will Die”

Do we want the trees to die? They will, unless…

UNLESS someone…cares a whole awful lot,
nothing is going to get better.
It’s not.
                        Dr. Seuss, The Lorax

We can make it better, if we truly Listen to the immortal wisdom of poetry, literature, and philosophy, but not stop there, but actually Live it. 

We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors
We borrow it from our children.
           Native American and Other Early Cultures 

Happy Earth Day.