Gaurav's Blog

I've heard it said, there's a window
that opens from one mind to another.
But if there's no wall, there's no need
for fitting the window, or the latch.
~ Rumi, "Night and Sleep"

Recently, during my program on “Mindful Leadership,” a CEO shared this with me:  

  • We Owners/CEOs are very lonely people. We are constantly listening to the problems of our team members and others in the company. BUT we have no one to talk to – no one who we can speak freely to. 

Do you have somebody who YOU can speak with? 

Someone who will truly listen to what you have to say, hear you – truly hear you – and understand what you are going through?

NO! Not surprised. Most Owners/CEOs don’t. And that’s dangerous.

Because, not having someone to speak with, not having someone to truly hear and listen to you causes undue stress and negatively affects your mental and physical health.

On the flip side, something magical happens when a person is truly heard, with compassion, with empathy, without judgment. The person feels calmer, more peaceful, and experiences greater clarity and control of the scrambled thoughts and feelings within.

Find and invest in someone who truly knows how to listen. It’s the best investment CEOs, or other senior leaders, can make in their own mental and physical well being.