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Transformational change always shows up
Where we least expect it, because
Snow always melts on the edges first

~ Gaurav Bhalla

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  • Soulful Leadership: Reimagining Leaders and Leadership Roles

    W.S Merwin served as U.S. poet laureate during 2010-2011. In his inaugural reading, he read 25 poems, and talked poetically about the one trait he believes sets humans apart from other forms of life – imagination. Not reason, or language, or any other traits commonly offered to describe present human beings as more virtuous and […]

  • Let’s Drop the Adjectives So We Can See the Customer

    Sadly, marketing is a fractured discipline. Too many adjectives – inbound, outbound, guerrilla, digital, social, social media, etc. – have splintered what should and must be its fundamental focus – the customer. In 2009, Roland Rust, Christine Moorman, and I published an article titled “Rethinking Marketing” in Harvard Business Review. Our suggestion was simple: Reinvent […]

  • Make Room for Imagination!

    “Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were, but without it we go nowhere.” ― Carl Sagan Over fifty years ago, the first Shinkansen bullet train traveled from Tokyo to Osaka. It arrived there in record time, traveling 130mph along a dedicated, high-speed track, featuring the fewest possible curves, more than 3,000 bridges, […]

  • Innovation and Customer Communities: Made For Each Other

    Many elements contribute to making a company innovative and to making innovation programs successful. A few key elements being quality of customer insights, access to cutting edge technologies, alignment between innovation strategy and overall business strategy, and the big one—corporate culture. Even though there is a rich tradition of incorporating the voice of the customer […]

  • PDMA’s PIM 2012 Co-Creation Lab: Implementing Co-Creation

    The key theme of the Co-Creation Lab I conducted at the recently concluded PIM 2012, PDMA’s annual conference held in Orlando, was Implementing Co-Creation. Applauding co-creation is easy, but implementing it often poses interesting challenges. Based on our formal/informal research, my co-presenter Aric Rindfleisch (who unfortunately caught the flu and couldn’t participate) and I have […]

  • Innovation’s Primary Fuel and Higher Purpose

    Launching innovation is easy; sustaining it is difficult. What is innovation’s primary fuel? Does it have a higher purpose? Interesting questions, but I was not on a quest to answer them, I was not even meditating on the questions. I was merely watching a biennial ritual on TV — the Europeans messing up the Americans […]

  • The Shapley Value, Nobel Prize in Economics, and Collaboration

    I have to be honest with you: The Nobel Prize committee has not been riding high on my favorite list ever since they awarded the Peace Prize to the EU. What a myopic definition of peace. It’s not just the absence of war — what about social peace and economic peace? Besides, I still haven’t […]

  • Three Steps Forward: Future Scenarios + Communities + Predictive Analytics for Fueling Innovation

    Marketing Research (MR) has been under fire for several years now.  It has been blamed, accused, even lynched for a variety of ills, not all of its own making. Part of the problem lies with our expectations and part with how we use the tools available to us. An illustration. One of the most common […]

  • The Importance of Customer Value in Shaping Innovation Investments

    There appears to be an unwritten rule that celebrity and mythology are intertwined. Interestingly, this mythology gets thicker as the status and power of the celebrity increase. This has several unfortunate consequences, the most severe being that, over time, the dominant circulating myths convey a reality that never even happened. The collateral damage is significant. […]

  • Listening to the “Birth of the Global Mind”

    Wikipedia defines synchronicity as “the experience of two or more events that are apparently causally unrelated or unlikely to occur together by chance, yet are experienced as occurring together in a meaningful manner. The concept of synchronicity was first described in this terminology by Carl Gustav Jung, a Swiss psychologist, in the 1920s.” It was […]