Collaboration Not Allowed

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Sir Ken RobinsonNo matter where you go, you find the Industrial Age model of education, based on the Enlightenment vision of the mind. What the education system really teaches our children (and taught us as well) is the primary reason we have so little collaboration.

Watch and listen to Sir Ken Robinson’s spot-on understanding of the current AND future problems with education, and, ultimately, collaboration around the world. Robinson is a world-renowned education, creativity, and innovation expert. If enough people listen to him, then we might have a chance to work together as a species as we march headlong into The Future.

It takes about nine minutes of watching and get the background before you will be able to understand the part about collaboration: “Collaboration is the stuff of growth,” says Robinson. I would try to sum it up better, but I know when I am overmatched.

Below is a video based on a talk given at the RSA by Robinson:

What I find most upsetting is that we seem to cling to this old COLLABORATION NOT ALLOWED model of education like a life raft in dangerous waters. Then we drag that same raft into the workplace, even though it never worked in the schoolplace.

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Source: “RSA Animate — Changing Education Paradigms,” YouTube, 10/14/10