• I don’t merely speak…
    I move my audiences to action
    with my knowledge, enthusiasm,
    and passion for issues,
    like soulful leadership,
    value innovation, and collaboration.
    ~ Gaurav Bhalla



Gaurav Bhalla is a battle-tested global consultant, educator, author, and thought leader who is also a captivating speaker. Not a mere professional speaker who dabbles in business.

Gaurav’s passion for what’s important – soulful leadership, value innovation, creating compelling customer experiences, and collaboration – along with his ability to fuse deep knowledge with worldwide experience make him an in-demand speaker, facilitator, coach, and consultant for organizations around the world.

He appreciates each opportunity to share his thoughts and ideas with audiences and reciprocates by always customizing his content and flow of topics to fit his clients’ unique needs and specific business objectives.

Example: IBM, AARP, and the city of Rio, all have a need for soulful leadership; all want to develop new and compelling services for their customers. But their contexts are different. It may be smarter planet initiatives for IBM, aging and coping with social isolation for AARP, and life beyond the 2016 Olympics for Rio. Clearly, the same content won't do; customization is essential, and non-negotiable.

Gaurav’s most requested presentations and keynotes are:

  • 5-Star Mindset For Winning Customers
  • Collaboration: The Alchemy of Smarter Organizations
  • Soulful Leadership: The Untapped Power of One
  • Leadership Lessons From A Few Of The World's Greatest Poems

Partial Client List & Conferences:

"It is rare to have a passionate innovator such as Gaurav also be a gifted speaker. In a word, the audience’s feeling after Gaurav’s talk was “enriched.” If you’re looking for an exceptional speaker, look no further."

~ Lisa Jabara-May, Director, Pearson Digital Learning, USA

“Gaurav’s passion, speaking ability, and knowledge sets him above his peers. His presentations are well prepared to ensure every available minute of time is used to build a knowledge base for the audience and stimulate discussion among audience members. He is a true thought provoker.”

~ Elizabeth Bartheld, Chief of Staff, US House of Representatives, Washington DC, USA

“As a consultant, Gaurav Bhalla has helped many of the world’s leading corporations implement strategic innovations.  He is a dynamic speaker who has also published his ideas in such premier publications as the Harvard Business Review.”

~ Roland Rust, Marketing Thought Leader, Distinguished University Professor and David Bruce Smith Chair in Marketing, Robert H. Smith School of Business, Maryland, USA

“Gaurav Bhalla believes in what he says and provided valuable insights on innovation and customer value. Both the content and his style of delivery were very engaging and stimulating. “

~ Zeynep Arhon, Biomimicry Specialist, Istanbul, Turkey

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