• We will travel to Mars
    even as folks on Earth
    are still ripping open potato chip
    bags with their teeth.
    ~ David Berman, Lines from Self-Portrait At 28

Customer Value Innovation


“Because the purpose of business is to create (and retain) a customer, the business enterprise has two – and only two – basic functions: marketing and innovation.” Peter Drucker

More than half a century later it still rings true.

Why marketing? Marketing helps acquire customers by co-creating products and services that offer customers real and meaningful value, and it helps retain them by co-creating memorable and compelling experiences.

Why Innovation? Ah, here lies the rub, as the bard said. Customers’ needs, wants, and desires change. Technologies change, new competition emerges. Companies can’t afford to have customers ripping potato chip bags with their teeth.

Innovate or die is no mere hyperbole, it is the stark reality of today’s business.

The 5 key pillars of customer value innovation:

1. Customer-First Mindset: still a slogan for most companies
2. Value Proposition: benefits and solutions, not features; customers buy ¼” holes, not ¼” drills
3. Customer Experience: most potent customer retention tool
4. Innovation: customer value and business models
5. Sources of Growth: customers, markets, geographies

Client Benefits

  • Customer-value innovation is the single most important investment companies can make in their future well-being and prosperity – it brings in customers, and keeps them in the door
  • Clients will benefit by understanding the DNA of customer-value innovation and learn how to design and effectively implement it in their own organization

Client Programs

  • Executive Education Seminars:
    • 1-day or 2-day seminar
  • Workshops
    • 4-hour workshop
  • Speeches and Talks
    • Keynote address
    • Panel Speaker
    • Lunch and Learn Speaker

Collaboration and Co-Creation

New Platforms for Marketing and Innovation

Collaboration and Co-creation is a critical competency for rethinking how companies practice marketing and innovation in today's VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world.

In his book, strategy and branding consultant Gaurav Bhalla presents a concrete framework to help companies systematically and effectively design and implement collaborative innovation programs with their customers that can be applied in both business-to-business and business-to-consumer contexts.


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