IdeaConnection: Get Paid to Solve Problems

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Rolling GlobeI wanted to introduce to you an online collaboration website I’ve recently come across. It supports my contention that collaboration will give birth to the future. It transcends corporate boundaries and national borders. It is the

This is from IdeaConnection’s introductory press release:

Thousands of the world’s great minds are available to work collaboratively on problems, whose solutions will benefit mankind.

Every day people seeking challenges, jobs, or just some extra money, sign up to Solve Problems. Fifty percent of them have shown a willingness to work for free on challenging social, scientific, engineering, and other problems that trouble us all.

Anyone can enter a problem at Solutions for the Common Good section. The most important thing is narrowing the problem down and defining it in a clear way. Most, but not all problems are accepted.

Anyone can sign-up to solve problems — for pay or prestige — at IdeaConnection’s Problem Solvers page. Problem solvers can use IdeaConnection’s patent-pending ThinkSpace which gives them a “disciplined workspace and several thinking and creativity tools.”

The site focuses on global problems in a large number of areas. I wanted to include the entire list for two reasons. First, it will give you an idea of the depth and breadth of areas in which people are collaborating around the world.

Second, it will hopefully turn on some of your synapses to come up with an idea and submit it to the IdeaConnection. Each of the problems in search of a collaborative solution has a link if you would like to learn more about the ongoing work.

Source: IdeaConnection.