• Innovating by collaborating
    and co-creating with key stakeholders,
    like customers and employees,
    is the new core competence
    for sustaining growth and
    creating customer value.
    ~ Gaurav Bhalla

  • Leadership is a
    human-centric journey
    best undertaken by
    leaders who rely
    on the abiding wisdom
    of their souls.
    ~ Gaurav Bhalla



Gaurav Bhalla has 35+ years of global experience as a consultant, educator, entrepreneur, author, and speaker in leadership, marketing, strategy, and innovation. Committed to learning and personal growth, he has helped executives and companies in over 30 countries solve complex business problems through the application of cutting-edge knowledge and ideas. A thinker and doer, he has changed the lives of thousands of executives by encouraging them to perceive and reframe the worlds in which they live in more human-centric ways.

Gaurav has held innovation, strategy, and brand marketing positions at companies such as Nestle and Richardson Vicks (P&G), and has consulted with large Fortune 500 clients in the Pharmaceuticals (GSK, Pfizer, B-MS), Technology/Telecom (AT&T, Samsung, Microsoft), and Finance sectors (Capital One, Nasdaq, Citi).

Additionally, he has conducted business seminars, and executive education courses at leading business schools, companies, and non-profits, like Duke, Georgetown, University of Maryland, Indian School of Business, Singapore Management University, GIBS South Africa, Deloitte, Caterpillar, Microsoft, Accenture, NIH, and National Association of Broadcasters, to name a few.

Published in both business and literature, his leading-edge thinking is reflected in his HBR article “Rethinking Marketing,” his book “Collaboration and Co-Creation: New Platforms for Marketing and Innovation.” His latest book on Soulful Leadership, “Awakening A Leader’s Soul: Learnings Through Immortal Poems,” is due for launch in early 2017.

CEO of Knowledge Kinetics, he remains committed to helping companies create compelling value for all stakeholders through soulful leadership and continuous innovation.

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