• Before we can make sense
    of the world we live in,
    we must first make sense of the
    wilderness that lies within...
    It’s the best gift
    we can give ourselves.
    ~ Gaurav Bhalla

Unique, Customized, Actionable


Coaching Framework:
Head, Heart and Soul - All Matter

"Gaurav’s advice not only leads to positive outcomes it also helps me fill the knowledge I lack…two months of planning were significantly modified and improved by a few sharp questions from Gaurav."

~ CEO and Serial Entrepreneur, IT Company

"Gaurav surpasses all executive coaches I have worked with. His background as a corporate executive, entrepreneur, consultant, educator, and author enables him to coach in a very unique, personal, and customized way."

~ Senior VP, Entertainment & Hospitality

"Gaurav invests time in open listening and observation, and quickly absorbs critical details. By leveraging Gaurav’s professional expertise and experience, I was able to add value to my larger team; it benefited my organization and helped me grow personally."

~ V.P. Financial Services

"Gaurav was extremely professional and easy to work with…he designed customized and interactive programs for senior managers that significantly benefited them and their work."

~ Country Head, Learning and Development, Big Five Consulting Firm

"Gaurav Bhalla was able to size up our business challenges very quickly from multiple perspectives – motivational, operational, and cultural…"

~ CEO, US Outsourcing Company

Client Benefits

  • The wisdom of the ancients suggests that our lives can be summed up by three factors – what we pay attention to, how we interpret what we pay attention to, and how we act on our interpretations. There are no victims, there are no villains, we are suspended in webs of meaning we ourselves have spun.
  • This offering helps individuals lead more complete and fulfilling lives by helping them look and hear themselves and the world they live in with a fresh set of ears and eyes, thereby helping them spin different webs of meaning, and break patterns of thought and behavior that traditionally have held them back.

Client Programs

  • Executive Education Seminars:
    • 1-day or 2-day seminar
  • Workshops
    • 4-hour workshop
  • Speeches and Talks
    • Keynote address
    • Panel Speaker
    • Lunch and Learn Speaker

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Gaurav's offerings can be fully customized to suit the unique and specific needs of clients.

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