Innovation’s Primary Fuel and Higher Purpose

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Launching innovation is easy; sustaining it is difficult. What is innovation’s primary fuel? Does it have a higher purpose? Interesting questions, but I was not on a quest to answer them, I was not even meditating on the questions. I was merely watching a biennial ritual on TV — the Europeans messing up the Americans […]

The Importance of Customer Value in Shaping Innovation Investments

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There appears to be an unwritten rule that celebrity and mythology are intertwined. Interestingly, this mythology gets thicker as the status and power of the celebrity increase. This has several unfortunate consequences, the most severe being that, over time, the dominant circulating myths convey a reality that never even happened. The collateral damage is significant. […]

The Global 2012 Co-Creation Awards

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Creating more value has become a cornerstone in the business practices of more and more corporations as they seek a competitive advantage in the hypercompetitve global marketplace. This idea has become increasingly popular as an efficient and digital-age way to find new and customer-centric ideas for co-creating new products, or creating the basis for a […]